What’s Going On Here?…

Brennan Cavanaugh is a professional photographer and non-fiction filmmaker living in NYC, but he is also a collagist.  His collages, or ‘Collisions’, are each constructed strictly from one day’s New York Times.  Armed with an X-Acto knife and glue stick Mr. Cavanaugh constructs new, personal visions, surreal narratives of a particular day in history, as was first presented and shaped by The New York Times’ editorial staff.  Each Collision’s back is another collage which incorporates the corresponding headlines and photographers’ credits for the images used.  As a photographer himself,  Mr. Cavanaugh “credits the  shooters, and their content, which allow me to  create and relate an interior news: how one newspaper’s images, taken in total, can alter your psyche.  It is, really, ‘the New York Times’ affect, on a man.”

The Collisional Postcard Series pieces are made from unused images, passed-over considerations, combined with orphaned postcards.

A selection of this work is on permanent view at The Stand Gallery (East 7th Street and Avenue C, NYC; or by appointment: 917-913-4415),and has been exhibited in 151 Gallery, NYC, and included in private collections.

Contact Mr. Cavanaugh for obtaining originals and limited edition prints.  brennan@brennancavanaugh.com

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